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OrangeTree Online is a website company. OrangeTree Online is a software company.  Below, we expand on that to help you choose which of our products may be of help to you.

Based in County Durham, we have been providing browser delivered systems and solutions for our customers from all over the United Kingdom, and further afield as far as Eastern Europe, for a great many years. Our customers range from micro businesses of just one person to multi national plc companies.

What do we mean by browser delivered solutions?

Essentially, we provide the following:

  1. Websites - we have a full in house design, build and hosting solution to meet all your website requirements.
  2. E-Commerce - we are experienced in E-Commerce, and have an extensive solution, called OrangeBox, that provides all your content management, inventory, sales reporting and order management requirements. It can be purchased off the shelf, or highly customised to suit your specific needs. It is tried and tested in business large and small, and is able to handle many thousands of orders in a month.
  3. Systems. These are browser delivered, hosted, solutions that provide a cost effective, secure and highly versatile system for your business.

We like to talk to our customers to ensure we have understood your needs before you are committed to spending any money at all with us. In fact, we prefer to do that. You are welcome to chat with us anyway, about all things online.

We love what we do, and work hard at doing it well


E-Commerce and shopping carts

We have been designing websites for people who want to sell their goods and services on line, for many years. We would dare to say we were pioneers in this field, working on it back in the mid 1990's.

Seriously, more and more businesses are setting up online shops, to sell their goods and services to the growing number of people who wish to shop from their browsers.

There is something unique about OrangeTree Online here. We also own and are actively involved in E-Commerce businesses. Our Product, Orange box, is not just tested in theory, but in practice.

E-Commerce websites are not just about pretty. They are about sales


OrangeTree Websites

OrangeTree Online are a established website design, marketing, and software business, based in County Durham, in the North East of England. From there we look after our customers, throughout the UK, and even further afield.

Who are our customers?

We are proud to have provided services, websites and systems for some leading international brands. We are equally proud to have provided services, websites and business for micro businesses. The thing is, for us, is that we have the capacity to cope with massive projects. We are able, and willing to focus on more modest ones too, because to the client they are equally important.


Orangetree Systems

We are experienced coders in asp, .net and c# technologies. We are also data base specialists, using SQL. We have a team of people ready to build and support business solutions in a variety of sizes.

Because system development projects are key to your business, they involve a full consultancy package to help with the design of the system, and to see that it reflects your business precisely. We also work with you to be sure that you are comfortable with the way development will progress, and how payments and costs will be managed.

Over the years, OrangeTree have saved many hours of administration time for our clients with innovative approaches to integration. This creates enormous time savings through removing duplicate data input.

  • Why Orangetree Online

    1. We have years of experience in what we do
    2. We are friendly and helpful.
    3. We understand, and are passionate, about technology.
    4. We will do more than just sell to you. We will seek to understand your business challenges and work with you to provide a solution to them.
  • Because You Are Worth It

    Before we do anything for you, we strive to understand as much as we can about you. What you want. What you would like to happen. If we are going to add value to your business, we need to do that.

    We have been involved in pioneering projects online right from the earliest days. We still like it! And we have some big successes chalked up.

    If there is a right way and a wrong way to build a system, we like to do it the right way. Or the best way. Quality shows, in the end.

    In addition, we talk with you about how the project will proceed, and how it will get completed, and what will happen after that.

    After many years of involvement with it, we are no less excited about it.

Providing online solutions for business and commercesince 2002

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    WARM stands for Waste and Recycling Management. Developed originally some 8 years ago, the system has been significantly upgraded through the years, and now includes some neat new features, including: Route Planning, Schedules and manages waste collections, Generates waste consignment notes, WARMDroid handheld application for collection drivers

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    This product is aimed, initially, at the motor trade, where it has been tried and tested over many years, although it could have other applications. First launched in 2004, it has recently had a major upgrade.

    It is used for vehicle inventory checking, and can read bar codes. It provides a full, Sarbanes-Oxley level reconciliation report, and really takes the graft out of a full, blind stock check.

    Proper vehicle inventory checking, at a very reasonable cost, done well.  This is brand new for the Motor Trade!

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    More and more businesses are setting up online shops, to sell their goods and services to the growing number of people who wish to shop from their browsers.

    There is something unique about OrangeTree Online here. We also own and are actively involved in E-Commerce businesses. Our Product, Orange box, is not just tested in theory, but in practice.

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    Orange CMS

    We have taken the geek out of simple website design and build an editing suite that allows you to edit and add new pages to your website

    You can add all kind of content, including slideshows and online 'books' all with our easy to use Orange CMS.

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    OrangeTree Lounge

    The newest version of our online community software is now complete. It will underpin our Orangetree Lounge which is an online venue for anything from asking a simple question to full blown debates. We love to join discussions with people because talking and sharing, listening and learning are the essence of Orange as an online business.

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    Salon Web

    If you run a hair, beauty, fitness or tanning salon getting your business online can be a bit daunting! Orangetree Online have produced an easy to edit web platform specifically aimed at this industry. We took the time to understand your needs and the importance of value for money with our Salon Web product

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